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The result of this is that the Sensation performs

LG are quite rightly very proud of their excellent Optimus 2X handset.  Not only is China Finish Cut Part Factory it their most powerful phone to date but it is the first handset in the UK to boast a dual core processor.  Since its announcement several other end top end phones have tried to compete with it with varying success.  The HTC Sensation however is one model that looks best equipped to eclipse the dizzy heights reached by the LG model.  


So how do these two models match up with one another and more importantly which one should tempt you to take your first steps into the would of dual core smartphones.It would only be right to start this comparison by looking at the dual core properties of both of these models given as it is one of their main selling points.  When first released the Optimus 2X was truly ground breaking as it sported a Nvidia Tegra Two chipset.  This included a 1Ghz processor that was separated into two cores enabling the phone to offer users true multi tasking facilities.  There was no handset available that could rival the speed of this phone despite the handset boasting a very modest 512MB of RAM.  Since its release technology has moved on a little and now we have the HTC Sensation complete with a 1.2Ghz dual core processor and an impressive Adreno 220 graphics accelerator.  Not content with offering a faster processor than the Optimus 2X the Sensation takes thinks a step further by also fitting 768MB of RAM memory.  Despite HTCs excellent Sense user interface placing extra strain on the processor the model still operates in a flash.   The result of this is that the Sensation performs better than the LG despite that handset being one of the fastest available.Things are a little more evenly matched when we take a look at the screen technology found on both of these models.  The HTC Sensation offers one of the largest phone screens currently available at 4.3 inches.  In order to maintain the quality on these larger screens it a necessary to implement a resolution higher than the 480 x 800 standard that is found on many of the smaller displays.

 In this case HTC have upped the quality to a massive 540 x 960 pixels which together with the excellent S-LCD screen offers a good clarity of image.  The LG Optimus 2X screen measures up a touch smaller at 4 inches but rather than use the newer S-LCD technology LG have opted to stick with TFT.  This may have resulted in a poorer standard of image if the manufacturer had not chosen to also implement IPS technology which offers improved viewing angles as well as more naturally deep colours.  The Sensation may offer the better specification on paper but in practice there is little to choose between both of these displays.LG set the standard with the excellent Optimus 2X but the time has come for the bar to be raised yet again and the HTC Sensation is the perfect model to do just that.The HTC Sensation And The LG Optimus 2X are available now.